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2018 Client Showcase Countdown #10 – Florida SBDC Client Dignitas Technologies Trains the Warfighter

Meet Dignitas Technologies ( | @DignitasTech)

Dignitas TechnologiesDignitas Technologies, LLC is a certified Woman Owned Small Business, developing software engineering applications to train the Warfighter. Dignitas provides advanced technology modeling and simulating of the equipment, environments and behaviors of opposing and friendly forces, ensuring our soldiers are equipped with immersive training prior to being deployed.

SBDC: FSBDC at the University of Central Florida (
SBDC Advisor: Jill Kaufman

“The Advisory Board Council [a special service of the Florida SBDC at the University of Central Florida] represents knowledgeable business resources that provided us with invaluable experience and guidance for our business. This has greatly helped our business because the Advisory Board was able to help us formalize our goals and assist us in developing plans to achieve those goals. Their assistance and guidance has helped mature our business and make it more resilient in our tough budget environment.” – Elizabeth Burch, President & CEO, Dignitas Technologies

Read the Dignitas Technologies SBDC success story here.


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