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All in a Day’s Work for BioArray – Genetically Powered Cancer Treatment Selection

March 6, 2017
Success Story: Connecticut

– Save 65,000 breast cancer patients six months of wasted time and toxic exposure each year
– Direct each person to the right chemotherapy and save the U.S. health care system $1.4 billion in the process
– All in a day’s work for BioArray

BioArrayNo company has cracked the code for choosing the best chemotherapy for an individual patient, despite the broad range of molecular breast cancer tests available today. Trial-and-error is still the mainstream available path. Currently, the majority of patients start their treatment journey with the ‘standard-of-care’, taxane-based regimen. Due to the low response rates to this regimen (25%), when patients are offered the next level of treatment they have already been exposed to side effects for about six months, which is painful for patients (e.g., immune system debilitation, nausea, hair loss and exposure to unnecessary toxicity). Imagine if we knew who was a good candidate for the ‘standard-of-care’ and who should go straight to ‘Plan B’ while their immune systems are still strong.

Enter BioArray Genetics, the Connecticut SBDC’s (CTSBDC’s) own cancer revolutionary. Chemotherapy is not a “one-size-fits-all” process, and precision medicine was Marcia Fournier’s inspiration for founding her biotech company, BioArray Genetics. Marcia’s extensive experience in oncology, as well as her practical and strategic experience in drug discovery, biomarker development, and clinical diagnostics, led to the development of BioArray’s first predictive test (BA100). It saves breast cancer patients potentially life-saving months, by pinpointing the best chemotherapy treatment for each patient based on genetic markers right out of the starting gate, while the patient’s body and immune system are still strong.  (more…)