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America’s #SBDC Client Showcase – BlueAtomVR

13 Days to the Congressional Showcase!

State and Region: California, Orange County/Indland Empire
SBDC: TriTech SBDC, UCI Institute for Innovation – The Cove
SBDC Advisor: Bill Waldo
SBDC Client: BlueAtomVR

BlueAtomVR teamBluAtom, Inc. has developed the next generation accessory for VR gaming, enterprise and military training applications, featuring the first immersive wireless body motion-tracking system. The BluAtomVR system, which comes equipped with a haptic vest and gun controller, can both detect and enhance the user’s movements for a more immersive and engaging VR gaming and training experience.

It effectively turns any player’s body into a game controller. BluAtomVR’s body-tracking vest and hand-motion gun controller create a much richer interaction than other VR gaming accessories currently available. The Wireless enabled system allows for complete freedom of a player’s movement. The lightweight vest is designed with both form and function in mind, boasting a sleek aesthetic made from lightweight, breathable materials. The BluAtom VR system is fully compatible with the HTC VIVE™.

No special device driver is required. It can be used with FPS PC games or on the Steam video game platform. The total VR Market is expected to exceed $40B within the next five years, offering a lucrative space for BluAtom to rapidly expand its VR accessories for gaming and commercial applications such as theme parks, VR arcades, gaming centers and military training. Here is a link to a BluAtomVR video, demonstrating how the vest body controller and interactive hand controller work in the popular video game Call of Duty.

“Our company would not be the same without the help of the SBDC. I met Bill Waldo when our startup was just an idea. Bill’s advice and coaching has been essential to our success – from navigating obstacles to advice on our first angel investments. We are on the ‘cutting edge’ of virtual reality, and BluAtomVR has made incredible progress in the last six months. We have developed a wearable video game vest controller and a gun controller that work together – this will be a game changer for the way people move in virtual reality. We were at CES in January, in the virtual reality area at Eureka Park, showing how the BluAtomVR vest body controller and interactive gun controller add new gameplay to the Virtual Reality experience.” —  Steve Kearsley, CEO, BlueAtomVR

Read more about BlueAtomVR here. Follow BlueAtomVR on Twitter @BlueAtomVR.


The America’s SBDC 2017 Client Showcase Reception will be at 5:30 pm on Monday, February 6, 2017, at the Rayburn House Office Building. Invite your Members of Congress now!

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