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5 fresh ways to promote your blog

April 19, 2016
By Stacey Hartman

GoDaddy-creative-ways-to-promote-blogWhen you’re running a blog, you get that content is king. And with that amazing content, you’ll understandably want to get your hard work out there. How to go about that without breaking the bank, though, can be scary. That, and trying to stand out in the current marketing environment can be extremely overwhelming, especially when everyone seems to be doing the same things to market their blogs.

Stand out from the crowd with these five alternative (and sometimes overlooked) angles on promoting your blog.

1. Join a blog community

Blogging communities (sometimes known as blogging directories) are a place for bloggers to connect over common themes, share content, and build relationships. You’re also able to share your content on a platform that can aggregate common content themes. (more…)