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America’s #SBDC Congressional Showcase – House of Design

January 25, 2016

7 Days to the Showcase!

House of Design
Nampa, Idaho
Owners: Ryan Okelberry & Shane Dittrich
Staff: 6 full time employees, 2 contract employees

House-of-Design-picHouse of Design, formed in 2012, is led by two engineers who met working on several projects prior to deciding to start a company. With 30 years of experience, owners Ryan Okelberry and Shane Dittrich are passionate about the flexibility of robots and how they can be incorporated into the manufacturing process. House of Design’s focus is to identify and implement the right robotic solution using ‘flexible automation,’ the ability for a robot or system to be quickly and easily re-tasked to changes in product design. This ability improves quality, eliminates safety issues and provides the client the highest return on investment.

House of Design is a resident client in the Idaho SBDC’s incubator/accelerator – the TECenter. There they have taken advantage of SBDC training and consulting as well as having an industrial manufacturing space to build the robot systems. The SBDC has also provided referrals to link House of Design with other resources that can help their business and partners.  (more…)