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3 Things You Need to Know To Run A Successful Local Deal

December 28, 2015

If you own a small business, there’s a good chance you still have some questions about deals. Don’t worry — you’re not alone. While deals (or daily deals, as they are sometimes known) have been around for a while now, there are plenty of business owners who still have big questions about whether or not running a deal is right for their business.

That is natural when you hear stories of small business owners losing money from deals due to unexpected spikes in demand that can’t be met. Meanwhile, consumers are frustrated as they’re stuck waiting in long lines or have a drawer full of un-redeemed offers.

It’s these types of stories that taint the image of the daily deal, and rightfully so. But when done well, daily deals can be great for merchants and consumers. The key is running a deal that’s right for your business, and using a service provider that allows the small business owner to be in control. (more…)