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IP Strategy For Startups

January 20, 2015
By Emily Ely

IP Strategy for StartupsDeveloping a solid intellectual property (IP) strategy is essential for emerging companies preparing for market entrance. Various forms of IP can usually be found in company’s portfolio and identifying these assets based on business goals and assumed future opportunities are at the core of that strategy. The following are a few tips to keep in mind to improve your IP strategy for startups.

Questions to think about when establishing an initial IP strategy:

• Who owns the fundamental technology in your space – i.e. who are the key organizations filing and    buying patents in your market segment and what are they working on?
• Where are the opportunities for strategic growth, investment, or licensing within your field?
• How rapidly is new innovation taking place in your space?
• Where are the new and emerging technologies being developed in your space?
• Which patents are the most valuable for your products?
• Do your customers value IP to demonstrate they are purchasing innovative products?  (more…)