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Successful event planning: 3 tips to increase attendance at your next event

August 19, 2014

For businesses that host events, nothing can cause more angst than the idea of having low—or even worse no—attendance. While having some “no-shows” is to be expected, the reality is that with the right plan in place, you can not only circumvent empty chairs and empty tables, you can help ensure that your next event is a huge success.

To do that, you should ask yourself three strategic questions as the first steps to your event planning process:

1. What is your objective? Each event should have a strategic objective, whether it’s to introduce members, raise funds or network, for example. By establishing the objective up front, your team members will better understand how their efforts contribute to the big picture and your attendees are more likely to say yes to your invitation.

2. Did you scour local event calendars? Along with checking for competing activities on the same day, look for related events scheduled within a week of yours.

3. Does the cost of attending reflect the perceived value? Make sure the registration fee is proportional to what attendees will gain from participating. If your event is free, consider charging a nominal fee and donating the proceeds to charity. Believe it or not, charging as little as $5 can make a big difference.  (more…)