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Find out what’s trending on Google search

July 7, 2014

Google Trends isn’t just for monitoring the search trends of your favorite television shows, it can also be used for your business. It’s a free online tool that can help you learn about your customers’ interests. You can use it to answer questions like:

  • How popular is a search query on Google?
  • How has the popularity of this search changed over time?
  • Where in the world are people searching for this?
  • What related topics are growing in search popularity?
  • What search queries have grown significantly in popularity?

This can be valuable information for your business. By understanding how people search Google, you can make smart decisions about how to market your business, both online and offline. For example, if you were researching for a bakery business, you’d see that people searching for “red velvet”  are looking for cake. But, they also search for “red velvet cupcakes,” “red velvet frosting” and “red velvet cheesecake.”  This can give you ideas how to expand your website, and possibly your menu offerings.  (more…)