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Top Tips for Running Successful Events

June 23, 2014

Events are a great way to deepen relationships with current customers and can help you attract new ones. When done right, events are also one of the best ways to get people to take the next step, from interacting with you on Facebook or reading your newsletters, to actually visiting your store, restaurant, or office. But successful events don’t just happen. To create a successful event, you need to develop a strategy that incorporates your different marketing channels so that you can promote your event, reach the right audience, and drive meaningful business results. Following are some “top tips” to help you run a successful event

Have a clear goal.
Think about what you want to get out of your event and, just as importantly, what you hope your attendees will get out of it by being there. For example, the goal of a retail store’s open house may be to increase foot traffic to the location. But what does the customer get out of it? Make sure to offer them an incentive to come, such as discounts, door prizes, or giveaways — in addition to the affordable merchandise, exclusive information, or other “just for attendees” benefits, of course.

Send a personalized invitation.
It’s a good feeling when you’re invited to a “special event.” Take the proactive approach in attracting potential attendees by sending them a personal email invitation. Make your customers feel wanted by sending them a finely crafted message that refers to them by name. Mary  Smith will feel more of a personal connection from a “Dear Mary” invite than a “Dear” or a generic “Hi there” salutation.  (more…)