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Understanding the Power of Creating Sharable Content

March 25, 2014

When I found out that one of my favorite bakeries was about to open a new location in my neighborhood, my first reaction was to jump on Facebook to share the news. Guess what? My post got 11 likes, and 7 comments.

Think about the power of this dynamic. Before social media, I’d have to wait until I gathered with a group of friends to share the news (if I remembered at the time). Today, thanks to my mobile device, I can easily share the news with my Facebook friends in real time.

Many of my Facebook friends either live or work in the same area, and have similar tastes—which makes them great prospects for that new bakery. Based on the level of engagement with the original post I shared, that information will spread beyond my immediate connections. Pretty cool, right?

This type of social sharing goes beyond our offline experiences. Consider how much information is now available to us online, and how easy it is to share the content that resonates with us most with a simple click. People are sharing content they find valuable. Content they believe their connections may have an interest in. And for all these reasons content is something you can’t ignore when it comes to your business getting found online. (more…)