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November 28, 2013

I recently went to one of my favorite restaurants – Craft. The service and the food were excellent as always but there were several little surprises for us throughout the evening. Small and subtle acts of a gracious host, but delightful nonetheless. The evening ended with my retrieving my coat from the coat check and being presented with a lovely baked treat along with my belongings. This was the icing on the service cake – figuratively speaking. While I’ve had numerous fabulous dining experiences, it is mostly about the food and sometimes the service, but rarely is it about the above and beyond or gracious nature of the establishment.

I’m extraordinarily loyal to my local corner bodegas because when I forget my wallet “no problem, you pay next time” and “here, take this one instead, it is fresher” are not uncommon exchanges. And even though I’m a regular at a nearby super market, I remain a stranger and am treated accordingly — other than by their delivery man, who knows I tip well and so usually takes the initiative to move my delivery to the head of the line.

Where I get my nails done, someone always offers to give me a 5 or 10-minute shoulder and neck massage – for free. Trust me when I tell you that I don’t need my nails done that often but that massage really makes my day. With no less than 10 nail salons within a few blocks, many offering discounts and lower prices, I always make a beeline for my favorite place. (more…)