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Oh No! My Web Traffic Is Falling!

November 21, 2013

I’ve been hearing about falling web traffic a lot lately. I find it is no surprise, with the vast amount of changes Google regularly makes versus how infrequently business owners implement website changes. It is inevitable that a website that remains stagnate will lose ground as Google continues to change the rules, which they do about 500 times each year.

What was sound SEO advice last year and the year before is the Kiss of Google Ranking Death this year.

Some recent changes are:

1. Content – the good kind. Your content has to be good enough to read well (Google looks for spelling and grammar just like your high school teacher did), interesting enough to hold a visitor’s attention (Google looks at how long visitors stay on a page) and written just for this page (Google hates to see the same thing over and over on other pages or on other sites).

2. Link building. While link building was all the rage and if you worked at getting a bunch of links in to your site or hired someone to go and get hundreds or thousands of links for your site, now it could bring you nothing but penalties. Inbound links from relevant and high performing sites was and still is a good plan but you might want to check what links you have coming in and actively seek to have irrelevant ones removed. (more…)