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5 Tips and Techniques for Restoring a Healthy Cash Flow in Times of Hardship

November 7, 2013

Nearly every successful company has had to face difficult times with tight cash flow and burdening debts at one point or another. However, only the most dedicated and resourceful entrepreneurs and business managers are able to handle the pressure and make the necessary adjustments. Put yourself in the class with those who’ve struggled but come out on top using the following 5 tips to improve your cash flow to debt ratio:

1. Reduce Unnecessary Expenditures

First and foremost you’ll need to reduce your operating cost as much as possible without drastically affecting the quality or efficiency of your products or services. This could mean utilising energy-efficient equipment and becoming proficient at saving power, reducing supplier contract commitments, terminating some employees, and selling some equipment or inventory that is costing too much to maintain or store. Eliminating frivolous overhead is perhaps the most important step in freeing up cash for more important purposes like investments and debt repayments. (more…)