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14 Low-Cost Ways to Test Your Website With a Small Audience

October 15, 2013

1. Go With Google AdWords

“Build a simple landing page with an email signup. Test various keywords via AdWords and see what converts (via email signup) and what doesn’t. It’s a pretty simple and effective way to test a new idea or product with a targeted audience.” – Josh Weiss | Founder and President, Bluegala

2. Linkback With a Guest Post

“Want to see how a product, service or idea is going to resonate with a market outside your current niche? Write a guest post for a popular blog in that space. See how the readers respond to your ideas. You’ll get traffic sent your way, but more importantly be able to gauge whether or not that market is a good fit for your business.” – Sean Ogle | Founder, Location 180, LLC

3. Recruit Your Feedback Army

Feedback Army is a great tool for receiving feedback on your website. It’s cheap and provides excellent results. “ – Ben Lang | Founder, Mapped In Israel  (more…)