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Love to Travel? 13 Reasons Entrepreneurs Do Too

October 8, 2013

The Young Entrepreneur Council asked 13 start-up leaders why entrepreneurship allows them to travel so much.


 “I travel all the time for work as I am a behavioral investigator. I speak and consult with companies about human lie detection. To be able to reach many audiences, I try to book as many events in different cities. I also love doing on the ground research in new countries to see if their cultural nonverbal behavior is different. I enjoy working with both foreign and national HR and sales teams.”
Vanessa Van Edwards | Author and Techpreneur, Science of People


 “I created Location Rebel, a community designed to help people build businesses they can run from anywhere on Earth. The nature of the community forces me to continue my own goal of traveling, both for credibility and marketing purposes. It’s my goal to show people that you don’t have to sit in a cubicle all day to make a good living!”
Sean Ogle | Founder, Location 180, LLC (more…)