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Franchising: Franchise Disclosure Documents

April 11, 2013

With over 3,000 choices of franchise concepts in the marketplace today, your options for owning your own business are limitless. But not all franchises are created equally. So, how will you be able to gain the necessary piece of mind that the opportunity you intend to pursue is legitimate?

Say hello to the Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD for short. Quite simply, it’s a legal document mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) designed to assist the potential franchisee through the due diligence process. The FDD offers incredible access and insight into a franchise and its operations. Every legitimate franchise must produce one. If a company doesn’t, remove yourself from discussions as quickly as possible. At its core, the FDD removes any emotion from the process. It’s required to be presented to you and once it’s been produced, spend careful and considerable time reviewing it.

Under FTC guidelines, the FDD must be presented to the potential buyer in the pre-sales process no less than 10-14 days prior to entering a contract or paying any amount of money for a franchise. And as you’ll see, it may be the single most important document you’ll review during the entire procedure. (more…)

Traditional Crowdfunding Can Help Vets Start Businesses

April 11, 2013
Veteran crowdfunds for franchise, hires six employees 

Many veterans come home to a persistent high unemployment rate and a mountain of debt. They’re not welcomed by banks for small business loans because of their bad credit, their lack of assets and at the beginning, no cash flow. However, certain franchises are inexpensive to get into, and finding the kind of money that veteran Larry Colley needed to acquire an air conditioning service business can be relatively easy via crowdfunding.

Through the veteran themed crowdfund platform Sprigster, Colley found $4000, and soon after hired six people. This is surely one of the best ROI for jobs on record.

For determined veterans seeking to start a small business in a local setting, the help of friends, neighbors, veterans groups and eager consumers can quickly turn a well conceived dream into reality, with a built-in fan base. (more…)