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3 Easy Ways to Get Attention on Twitter

March 20, 2013

It might seem intimidating to communicate a message in 140 characters, especially for those getting started with Twitter. That’s completely understandable. After all, no one likes their thought to be cut short.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult for you to successfully use Twitter for your business. Here are three easy to implement ideas that will make your tweets sing and help you get the attention you deserve.

1. Imitate the pros

Not sure what to say in so few words? If you’re having trouble, check out some headlines from your favorite magazine, newspaper, or news website. Great headlines pique reader interest, get right to the point, and leave readers wanting more—that’s what your tweet should do too! Simply follow the headline formulas the pros use by swapping out their topics for yours. (more…)

4 Essential IT Tips for an Office Move

March 20, 2013

When planning a relocation, many business owners underestimate the time and cost required to successfully transfer IT. In fact, they should be a primary consideration. If an employee or two is missing a desk because of furniture holdups, you can likely make do, but delays in getting your staff connected to phone and internet service are not so easily resolved. Fortunately, with a bit of background knowledge and preparation—and these four tips—you can sidestep the most common IT problems related to moving an office.

1. Consider Your Bandwidth Budget

Before submitting an offer for that new space, call around to several internet and phone service providers and find out if they service the location you’re considering; whether they can deliver the bandwidth and quality of service you require; and what the associated costs are. Then you can make an informed decision about the true expense of the space you’re considering.

Internet and phone service options vary greatly by location, so your monthly charges for these can change significantly when you move. For example, if you’re currently paying $150 per month for a high-bandwidth, fiber-optic connection, only to find that fiber service is unavailable in your new building, you might end up paying $1,000 or more per month for the same amount of bandwidth over a copper line. (more…)

Why Your Small Business Has the Motivational Edge

March 20, 2013

Are you looking to hire employees this year, wondering how you can keep the employees you do have from heading off for greener pastures, or struggling for ways to keep them motivated?

Sometimes it seems like small businesses are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to hiring, motivation and retention, compared to big corporations that can offer higher salaries, posh benefits plans and luxurious settings. But a recent article by McKinsey (targeted, ironically, at big companies) points out the advantage small businesses have that they may not realize.

McKinsey looked at how business leaders can develop and encourage top performers in their workforce and found that, while both IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) are important skills for bringing out the best in your team, what truly matters is the “meaning quotient” (MQ) – in other words, offering them the chance to do work that’s meaningful to them. (more…)

Should Your Family Fund Your Business?

March 20, 2013

As families gather for the holidays, entrepreneurs might consider approaching family members for money to help fund and grow their business.

But is family funding a good idea?


Considerations include the amount of money involved, how involved the family members will be in the business, and the personal relationships between the borrowers and lenders.

Advantages of Family Investors

– They are not likely to conduct background checks or review credit scores.
– Relatives will do you a favor, banks and other professional lenders will not.
– Loans are often made at no interest. (more…)