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Could Your Company Be More Pinteresting?

December 16, 2012

“I know I should be pinning, but I have no idea why and what!” the owner of a service business recently said to me. Many small businesses feel compelled to catch the Pinterest wave, but are struggling with what to do with this relative newcomer on the social media scene.

Pinterest, an online bulletin board comprised of shareable images and blurbs, now boasts close to 18 million users. It is the fastest-growing social media content sharing service in history, surpassing the fan-building speed of LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined.

The majority of early Pinterest adopters were female (68 percent). It found its first target market among brides, Midwestern moms, craft aficionados, and foodies. Like many social media sites, it is also being adopted by big brands and media companies like Whole Foods, Toyota, and Real Simple to engage its consumer communities through promotions, contests, and shared content. (more…)