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Internet Marketing for Beginners: Part 1 – The Goal

September 17, 2012

Are you a business owner? Listen up! Today, it is ESSENTIAL you have a concrete online marketing plan…and I’m here to show you how. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bury you in techy lingo, like “hits, bandwidth, and servers.” This article is your non-technical, business-owner friendly introduction to Internet marketing.

The goal of any good marketing plan is to generate business. A good Internet marketing plan should do the same. The website, while not the only piece of your online strategy, is the hub in the wheel of your Internet strategy.

A good website must generate at least one of the following: sales, leads, or customer support. Unfortunately, most people view a website as an online billboard or virtual pamphlet. A good website DOES something. Let me reiterate: A good website MUST generate sales, leads, or support for an existing group. Otherwise, in my opinion, you are wasting your money. (more…)