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Keeping Your Inventory Management Up to Snuff

August 22, 2012

Maintaining inventory might just seem like an annoyance you tend to as supplies run low or customers order something obscure. But effective inventory management isn’t just a matter of knowing what’s in stock. It’s knowing what you have, why you have it and how long you’ll probably hold on to it.

To help you streamline the inventory management process and save money without sacrificing your customer experience, try following these guidelines for optimizing inventory management.

Track Inventory and Sales Daily. If you haven’t yet started taking thorough records, now is the time to start. All of your transactions must include some record of what inventory was required to complete the transaction. This may sound very easy for a retail storefront, but for, say, a restaurant where one transaction requires a few primary components and many others in small amounts, it can get difficult. (more…)