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It’s True: Direct Mail Still Matters

August 15, 2012

With the hype surrounding social media and digital marketing, you might be surprised to know that the old-fashioned direct mail piece will bring in more new customers than an email will.

Yes, it’s true. As shocking as it sounds, two to three times as many 18-34 year olds preferred to receive marketing information from offline sources, such as direct mail, according to a recent survey by ICOM, a division of Epsilon. Although it may save you a little money, ignoring traditional strategies may result in reaching fewer prospects and, in turn, achieving fewer sales.

Here are three tips to contemplate while crafting your direct mail strategy.

1. Have realistic expectations. If you mail out a special offer to 1,000 homes in your area, how many people do you expect to show up, offer in hand? If you answered “hundreds,” you will be disappointed. “Dozens” is far closer to the truth. Although the rates vary by industry (retail industries fair the best), the Direct Marketing Association reports the average response rate is 3.4 percent. (more…)