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EMP Shield – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 5, 2020
EMP ShieldEMP Shield, LLC (
Countdown to the 2020 Client Showcase: #7

SBDC: Kansas SBDC – Emporia State, Washburn University, Wichita Tech Center (
SBDC Advisors: Tom Byler, Dr. Laurie Pieper, and Alan Badgley

Entrepreneur Tim Carty, Founder and Executive Engineer of EMP Shield LLC , is passionate about his work. He is a holder of 21 patents – including 1 on the EMP Shield – and counting. Originally from northeastern Tennessee, the inspiring team-leader, who prides himself on being a “southern gentleman,” is affectionately referred to around the firm as the “hillbilly genius.” His company, EMP Shield, is a success story from Encountering Innovation (a program of the Kansas SBDC) and the upcoming winner of the Emerging Business of the Year Award from Emporia State University SBDC to be awarded in early 2020.

EMP Shield LLC is an engineering design company and manufacturer of the world’s first devices to protect houses, businesses and larger installations from high-altitude electromagnetic pulses, such as those that can be generated by solar coronal mass ejections – exemplified by the Carrington Event of 1859 – as well as from more ordinarily occurring power surges and lightning strikes. To appreciate the significance of this achievement, consider that estimates of damage that would be caused by an event today of similar magnitude to the Carrington Event range in the trillions of dollars. (more…)