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How to Turn Your Social Media Presence Into Profit

May 20, 2014

You likely already know that to be a successful small business marketer, you need to be where your customers are online—social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; online review and ratings sites like Yelp; and in the inbox with email marketing.

Yet even if you have an active Facebook page, a growing Twitter following, a healthy amount of email subscribers, and good reviews on Yelp, it may not necessarily translate into customers (and profit) for your business. If all of those “Likes,” re-tweets and comments aren’t generating new business, here are three questions to ask yourself:

Are your messages focused?

You may offer a lot of products and services but if you focus on your differentiators, you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise and dominate a market segment.

For example, a retailer specializing in high-end kitchen gadgets can show customers how to use the latest tools, offer cooking classes, and write about topics such as “what to look for when buying carving knives.” These actions will draw in customers looking for specific kitchen tools and while they’re shopping, they’ll discover other products offered by the retailer.  (more…)