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Preventing Chargebacks: 16 Tips T0 Avoid Potential Chargebacks

July 15, 2013

Most chargeback situations arise at the point of transaction — at the time the transaction is completed — and most can be prevented with a little training.

Consider these 16 tips to avoid potential chargebacks.

1. Do not complete a transaction if the authorization request was declined. Do not repeat the authorization request after receiving a decline.

2. If you receive a “Call” message in response to an authorization request, call your authorization center. Be prepared to answer questions. The operator may ask to speak with the cardholder. If approved, write the authorization code on the sales receipt. If declined, ask the cardholder for another Visa card.

3. If an embossed Visa card is presented for payment, make an imprint for all card-present transactions. If you have a point-of-sale terminal with a magnetic-stripe reader, swipe the card through the reader for every face-to-face transaction. If the terminal isn’t working or a card’s magnetic stripe cannot be read, key-enter the account information and make an imprint of the embossed information onto the sales receipt using a manual imprinter. (more…)