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Leveraging social media for your startup or small business

December 19, 2012

The powerful online tools now available for promoting your enterprise and creating awareness of your brand have become indispensable. 

Your website is the world’s window to your business. If you operate a local store or shop, by using social media, your customers and friends can keep in touch with you as your business progresses. If you intend to create an internet-based business, your visibility is largely through social media. Either way, if you’re not using social media to attract and bond with new customers and create brand awareness, you’re leaving money and the possible survival of your business on the table.

Blogs, press releases and white papers

…are useful for generating awareness and traffic. Once set up, non-technical people can easily communicate the latest information in their field and discuss new products or services. Become an expert and communicate your knowledge. Blog posts can take the form of white papers and press releases, drawings, photographs, opinions and gossip. Knowing your target market, adjust information/entertainment ratios accordingly. (more…)