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The Death of the Small Business Server

June 8, 2012
By Eric Spellmann

I bet the title got your attention. And yes, that is a bold statement to make. However, if you can get past “tradition” and status quo, you will see that small businesses are on the threshold of some pretty amazing technological changes.

But, before I start blasting away at the small business server model, let me give some background: When someone starts a business, they typically have one PC. This machine does everything: balance the books, handle email, provide web research, build brochures, etc. However, once this business starts to grow and more people are hired, the need for more PCs increases.

As these PCs are added, the need for a true network is created. To save money, all of these PCs will need to share the same Internet connection…. AND (this is the important part), they will need to share files. (more…)