Why Sponsor?

Elevate your brand, network, and train the largest and most trusted small business assistance network of advisors in America.

Join us as a sponsor for America’s SBDC conference, and showcase your commitment to the million small businesses SBDCs reach across the United States and its territories every year.


Increased brand exposure and awareness on our trade show floor
Speaking opportunities to help boost brand equity
Event interactions that can be highly informative for product development and research
Training opportunities to educate and elevate our advisors on your product/service
Access to 1,400 small business professionals

All information, including registration, signage, and graphics due by July 31st.

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State Star Reception

This is the Conference’s STAR event! Join SBDC State Directors, the conference sponsors and the 2023 SBDC State Stars for this Grand Ole’ Opryland backstage event. Guests will enjoy the sounds of Nashville in the famous Opryland black box theater backstage with refreshments and a tickets to a once in a lifetime show. The sponsorship includes the reception (for 200+ people), the State Star trophies, a speaking opportunity, and attribution in virtual communications, invites, webpages signage and collateral before, during and after the event. The event is Tuesday evening, September 5th.

Recognizes and celebrates an exemplary consultant/trainer from each of the 63 SBDC networks

Sponsorship includes:

General Session

This is the lead sponsorship and the best way to make the biggest splash throughout the conference. This sponsorship allows you to address the entire America’s SBDC conference for up to 20 minutes on the morning/early afternoon od day one or two. Thats nearly 1,400 people! This sponsorship includes both virtual and printed branding and messaging.

Welcome greeting from Company executive

SBA Administrator is invited  to speak

Sponsor program presentation

General Session

This is the lead sponsorship and the best way to make the biggest splash throughout the conference. This sponsorship allows you to address the entire America’s SBDC conference for up to 20 minutes on the morning/early afternoon od day one or two. Thats nearly 1,400 people! This sponsorship includes both virtual and printed branding and messaging.

Welcome from Company Executive

Sponsor program presentation

Sponsorship includes:




This sponsorship is the cornerstone of the entire conference. It starts when the Online attendee registration opens, and the registration process doesn’t end till we close our onsite in-person registration desk at the conference.

Your brand and ad/ad copy will be featured on our online registration page, in registration confirmation emails, onsite at the registration area, on the registration iPad screens, and in other related signage.

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to the SBDC Network to get your brand out repeatedly in front of all the attendees for the months leading up to the conference and onsite.

Sponsorship includes:


Conference Bag

No conference is complete without a branded bag for attendees to use on property as they shop and to carry their new goodies back home. This sponsorship provides every attendee with a reusable branded tote bag made from recyclable materials.

Company branded computer bag for each attendee

Sponsorship includes:



Conference WiFi Sponsor

Three available, each at:

This sponsorship includes exclusive attribution as the WIFI sponsor and in the online conference registration platform, conference app and promotions. The conference registration platform serves as the gateway to our event with every attendee, sponsor and exhibitor having to register their participation through the platform. This sponsorship includes heavy branding in the registration platform which includes a splash page, banner graphics and follow-up email messaging. Every attendee downloads our app onsite because it’s the only way we make our workshop and event scheduling accessible. Take advantage of their engagement and share your banner graphics, videos, splash pages and more.

Available throughout the conference area.  Each time an attendee logs in, your brand will appear on the co-branded splash page, along with a link to your company content

Sponsorship includes:

Social Event Sponsor

15 available, each at:

Help attendees wake up and get moving with morning refreshments on the tradeshow floor and wrap-up their days hydrated or sipping a cocktail., Coffee is the most popular item we provide our attendees and with early workshop times we know they appreciate it, especially in bulk. This sponsorship includes two morning refreshments for all attendees as well as two Happy Hours on the tradeshow floor. Sponsorship includes virtual and printed signage and the refreshement stations will include your branding.

During the conference, the exhibit hall will be the site of 2 Evening Happy Hours and two Morning coffee and breakfast bites events

Sponsorship includes:


Nashville Sponsor

Nashville is one of America’s top destinations due to its beauty, music, restaurants, night life and friendly atmosphere. Help the attendees get to know the city with this very hospitable sponsorship. This sponsorship includes exclusive attribution on the hotel housing site, exclusive branding on the San Diego event microsite and in all the daily communications regarding travel to/from downtown, recommended restaurants and more. This sponsorship also includes a branded cup for every attendee to snag at registration to use on property or take home and show off.

Sponsorship includes:


Hotel Keycard

Every attendee will be carrying your brand in their pocket. And, Special Company offers can be included on your card.

Sponsorship includes:


40 Under 40 Awards

Help America’s SBDC celebrate its talented young professionals with its Top 40 Under 40 Young Professionals Award, a recognition of SBDC staff from across the national network who demonstrate innovation, leadership, and commitment to the SBDC mission. The award winners will be recognized at a Happy Hour event on Thursday, September 7th at 5:30 pm.

The sponsor of this event receives attribution in all promotional materials and communications regarding the awards program from webpages to emails, app graphics and onsite signage. The Sponsor will also have the opportunity to speak to the award winners, conference attendees and exhibitors in the tradeshow at the beginning of the Happy Hour.

Sponsorship includes:



Enhance your participation and visibility at the conference by adding a workshop presentation to your profile at the event and become a Sponsor.

Please note, workshops must be educational in nature and cannot be a direct sales pitch.

Sponsorship includes:


These turn-key booth spaces include 2 booth personnel.

Booth space is approx. 9ftx9ft. The side walls are plexiglass wings and the back wall consist of three 3’x9’ panels. The Center panel will be a graphic of your design and printed by the show decorator. The two side panels will be plexiglass. We are in a carpeted ballroom, so unless you need a particular color for your booth, you are all set.

Each booth will be set with a round highboy table and two stools. Wi-Fi and 110 electrical access are also included.

The current F&B plan includes coffee and pastries for 2 mornings and a one-hour Happy Hours for 2 evenings on the show floor.

Additional booth personnel can be added at $250.00 each.

Sponsorship includes:

Need assistance?

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