Association dues are assessed based on a formula voted on by the membership.

The current dues rate is 0.08 of the federal funds available to the member network with a cap of $35,000.

Dues invoices are usually sent out every February. We sometimes delay billing when a Continuing Resolution is in effect, and an Omnibus Budget bill is imminent.

The invoice is sent to both the State/Regional Director and a member of the network’s financial team (ASD, etc.).

We ask that all networks try to keep the association apprised of changes in their payment systems, vendor paperwork, etc. This helps prevent delays in processing payments.

Unpaid dues appear on the association’s accounts receivable list monthly. Please note that, as the A/R is updated monthly there may be a lag in noting a payment. (e.g. Payment is received on August 5th but the books “close” on July 31st, so the payment will not appear until the August statement has reconciled).

Members who have failed to pay dues are prohibited from voting and running for board seats until their dues are paid.
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