The annual SBDC impact survey is sent out every year to determine SBDC’s economic impact and effectiveness.

The survey is sent out electronically to long-term clients. The survey is sent out by Dr. James Vardaman (UMemphis) and tabulated by Dr. James Chrisman (MS State).

Prior to sending out the survey, the questionnaire is sent to the networks for approval. While the questions rarely vary much there are occasional new questions (e.g., COVID effect). The survey is sent out for inspection in early April and then is sent to clients at the end of the month.

The electronic surveys are sent out in four “waves”, spaced a couple of weeks apart. A fifth “wave” is sometimes sent out if requested. The survey period begins in late April and ends in June.

After the results are received Dr. Vardaman sends them to Dr. Chrisman and he produces the report, usually in time for the conference.

Economic Impact Reports by Professor Chrisman