America’s SBDC 2022
Annual Conference
Sponsorship Opportunities

Titanium Sponsor

State Star Reception:

Tuesday evening,
September 6th

Recognizes and celebrates an exemplary consultant/trainer from each of the 62 SBDC networks


Sponsorship includes:

General Session:

September 7th

Welcome from San Diego Official

Welcome greeting from Company executive

SBA Administrator is scheduled to speak

Sponsor program presentation


Sponsorship includes:

General Session:

September 8th

Welcome from Company Executive

Intro Entrepreneur in Residence, Howard University

Intro Jon Dorenbos: Life is Magic


Sponsorship includes:

Platinum Sponsor

Sponsorship includes:


This sponsorship is really the cornerstone of the entire conference.

It starts when the Online attendee registration opens and the registration process doesn’t end till we close our onsite in-person registration desk at the conference.

Your brand and ad/ad copy will be featured on our online registration page, in registration confirmation emails, onsite at the registration area, on the registration iPad screens and in other related signage.

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to the SBDC Network to get your brand out repeatedly in front of all the attendees for the months leading up to conference and onsite.


Gold Sponsor

Conference Bag

Company branded computer bag for each attendee


Sponsorship includes:

Silver Sponsor

Sponsorship includes:

Conference WiFi Sponsor:

Available throughout the conference area.

Each time an attendee logs in, your brand will appear on the co-branded splash page.


4 spots available, each at


Sponsorship includes:

Social Event Sponsor:

During the conference the exhibit hall will be the site of two Evening Happy Hours and two Morning coffee and breakfast bites events

15 spots available, each at


Sponsorship includes:

Health and Wellness:

Show attendees show much you care by hosting a “Quiet Room” on the convention level, where attendees can step away from the traffic and noise, recharge their phones and recharge themselves with a company branded hydration bottle. Additionally, each breakout room, the exhibit hall and public area will have Hydration stations with your company branded signage.


Copper Sponsor

San Diego Sponsor:

San Diego makes this sponsorship easy with its beauty, sunshine and incredible city. 

This sponsorship provides attribution on the hotel housing site, exclusive branding on the San Diego microsite and in all daily communications how and where attendees can grab their “Lunch on Your Own” within the city of San Diego.

Every attendee will be provided with a branded pair of sunglasses at registration to wear as they enjoy their time out on the town.


Sponsorship includes:

Hotel Keycards:

Every attendee will be carrying your brand in their pocket.

Special company offers can be included on your card.


Sponsorship includes:

40 Under 40 Awards:

America’s SBDC network is filled with talented young professionals who make significant contributions to their SBDC mission and local communities.

To celebrate these achievements, America’s SBDC is launching the Top 40 Under 40 Young Professionals Award, a recognition of SBDC staff from across the national network who demonstrate innovation, leadership, and commitment to the SBDC mission. The award winners will be recognized at a Happy Hour event on Thursday, September 8th at 5:30 pm at the 2022 America’s SBDC Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

The sponsor of this event receives attribution in all promotional materials and communications regarding the awards program from webpages to emails, app graphics and onsite signage. The Sponsor will also have the opportunity to briefly address the award winners, conference attendees and exhibitors in the tradeshow at the beginning of the Happy Hour.


Sponsorship includes:

Bronze Sponsor

Sponsorship includes:

Workshop Presentation:

If you are interested in enhancing your participation at the conference by adding a workshop presentation to your presence in the Exhibit Hall, you can become a sponsor.

Please note, workshops may not be sales pitches.


Exhibit Booth Only:

These turn-key booth spaces include 2 booth personnel.

Booth space is approx. 9ft x 9ft. The side walls are plexiglass and the back wall will be a graphic of your design and printed by the show decorator. We are in a carpeted ballroom, so unless you need a particular color for your booth, you are all set. 

Each booth will be set with a round highboy table and two stools. Wi-Fi and 110 electrical access are also included.

The current F&B plan includes coffee and pastries for 2 mornings and one-hour Happy Hours for 2 evenings on the show floor.

Additional booth personnel can be added at $250.00 each


Add On

Foot Prints:

Help attendees easily find your booth with branded foot prints on the exhibit hall floor. 

They will begin at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall and end at your booth.

There are only 5 of these available.


Ready to Sponsor?


Donna Ettenson is happy to get on a call with you to discuss your goals and budget. She can customize a package for you if you have something specific in mind.

Please email her:

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