I am huge proponent of reading to learn. One book that I highly recommend is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In the book he addresses the fears that most people struggle with on a daily basis.

Enter the world of educational marketing. People were using their knowledge to sell products designed to teach people skills that would make their lives better. I knew instantly that I could make an impact and be incredibly successful in that world.

My personal feeling is that most marketers don’t have the first clue, and I don’t mean to offend anyone here, about the concepts I am talking about. BUT they apply them very well without knowing it. The ones that do know and truly understand the power are the “gurus” that have risen to the top. You know which ones I am talking about if you have studied the marketing industry at all.

First, you need to have a desire to help people. Ultimately, that is what learning these skills is all about. Whether it is creating an info product that helps people find love, or developing a new technology that helps people manage their day better, or a something that revolutionizes the world, like the telephone, then the cell phone, and then the iPhone. The people who understand these concepts – both large and small, earth shattering or niche targeted – are the ones who innovate in the world and the ones who take action and don’t let fear stop them from being successful.

So let’s address fear.

Fears that drive EVERYTHING

Fear is the most powerful motivator on the planet. You have a fear of going bald you’re your father so you join the infomercial “club.” You have a fear of being alone so you join an online dating site. You have a fear of getting cancer so you buy the vitamin supplement that claims it will make you healthy. Napoleon Hill knew it and every successful person he interviewed knew it. If you watch an infomercial today, see an info marketer video or read most advertisements in any magazine, they call out to one of the following fears. Ironically, most politicians play on the same fears but that is another topic.

The interesting part is that each of the fears listed in Think and Grow Rich ties directly to the three areas of success: Health, Wealth, and Love. I’ll address each fear individually over the coming months. Master a message that appeals to any of these fears (and allays them) and you will find marketing success.

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