I decided to deviate form my normal routine of posting about the training program on Blue Pen Success. The training is still available but I felt there were more important issues to talk about and I could serve you better by adding value in my area of expertise.

For the next 3 months I will cover the basics of digital marketing. What it takes to establish your presence online and build the Foundation of your online business. My strategic plan for online marketing involves three major phases: Foundation, Education and Reputation.

The Foundation phase establishes your presence online via a web site, social media and email marketing. Having an integrated strategy involving each of these three critical components allows you to generate buzz, drive them to your online storefront and convert them into a happy customer.

The Education phase allows you to build your customer list by providing them with training and services that will benefit them. Educating is accomplished by giving away your knowledge and expertise to build trust and respect from your customers by delivering information, process and technology they can use in their business. Serving them by giving them value.

The Reputation phase happens when your customer list is so satisfied that they begin to market for you. When you are seen as a credible expert in your market space because you help and serve people with their business.

Many Veteran Owned Small Businesses are small and don’t have massive marketing budgets. Many Veterans are experts at their job, in their field and can run their business but lack the marketing expertise and knowledge to grow their business exponentially. Their is plenty of training on the operational side of the business such as understanding your financial statements, building your team (which you know already), and writing a business plan but the marketing aspect is generally glossed over and not the focus.

Marketing is a crucial and often missing aspect of any business. Nurturing and educating customers is an incredible way to retain customers and get referrals for new customers and that happens with great marketing campaigns. It’s no secret that customers are the lifeblood of any business.

How do you find them? The most common way is through your current customers via referrals.

An integrated digital marketing campaign is a great way to generate interest and build that customer base fast. There’s a reason campaigns are called campaigns. Just like like in the military we have a strategic goal in mind for the campaign. In marketing, it means that we need to create a strategy that focuses on our target market and then go after them.

In the next segment, I’ll cover creating your website and how to optimize it for success.

In the meantime, please check out the Blue Pen Success Program at www.bluepensuccess.com.

Blue Pen Success is an Entrepreneur training program based on the tried and true My Own Business Inc. (MOBI) training. MOBI allows certified graduates to teach the course. I decided to “teach it by creating an online video series of the courses for FREE!! www.bluepensuccess.com