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In minutes, identifies future cash flow problems without any additional effort by the small business or advisor. It is the ultimate cloud-based cash flow monitoring solution for small businesses and the perfect companion for QuickBooks. enables instant visibility of your cash flow, alerts you of unexpected expenses, and delivers intelligent forecasting so you are never surprised. The tool is also accessible on any device, anywhere.

EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM FOR SBDC ADVISORS: Use with your clients for free for 6 months!

  • The tool typically costs $19 per month, per business after a 14 day free trial.
  • SBDC advisors can request a special SBDC promo code by visiting ( This code can be entered when adding client businesses in the tool to receive 6 months free.
  • Learn more:

Get 30% Off QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop Intuit

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, is pleased to have a partnership with America’s SBDC. As part of the partnership between the ASBDC and QuickBooks, you are eligible for exclusive discounts, most notably a 30% discount on QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus for the lifetime of your account! However, the discounts are ONLY available if you sign up through the site or directly with me, your dedicated account manager, Chadwick Farrell (Franchise Account Manager | | (775) 834-0163).

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