I hate this part of owning a business. This is the junk that is put in place by bureaucrats that have never owned a business. The people who want to regulate everything and don’t realize the impact it has on the small business owner. Nonetheless it is a hoop that you will need to jump through, like it or not.

Do your research locally to ensure you are meeting all the requirements. A good example is here in MN where I live if I am running my business under a different name than I am incorporated then I need to file a document, and pay a FEE of course, notifying the state of MN that I am doing that. One would think that is enough, WRONG. The state of MN requires business owners with a Doing Business As or DBA to run ads in the local newspapers for 6 weeks to ensure that the local community knows about your business name.

A word of warning, if you miss something, the government whether federal, state or local doesn’t care. They will come after you and you will pay.

If you are entering into a contracting business or a business that has to comply with a lot of building codes then you have chosen probably one of the worst models for compliance. Builders and contractors need permits for everything.

My best advice is to do your homework and then consult with a lawyer and make sure you have all your bases covered.

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