Poverty clearly ties to Wealth. People always have and always will want more than they currently have. Keep up with the Joneses is pervasive; this fear is also tied closely to ego and feelings of inferiority.

Humans by nature are creatures of habit. Those habits can be changed and manipulated as we have been finding out. One of the worst habits to fall into is the habit of trying to keep up with everyone else. The other factor is that most people are trained and raised to be mediocre. They aren’t pushed, they haven’t formed good habits, and therefore they get scared when confronted with something outside the norm. Being poor is one of those areas.

Here’s the downside to this fear. Politicians love it! On both sides of the aisle, they love it because they can use it to play the rich against the poor and define a “middle class” that includes the majority of people. The Right uses the poor as examples of what not to do and the rich as examples of doing it right. The left uses the rich as examples of what not to do and the poor as pawns and victims. Neither side is doing people a favor.

The bottom line is there will always be poor people, people getting by and making a living (the middle class), and the uber-rich or the 1% that understand the concepts in this book. My goal with this book is to help as many people as possible understand the 1% mentality and be more successful. The wonderful thing about America and our capitalist system is that even though there are levels of income and wealth/poverty, people are not static. Nothing is guaranteed and nothing is barred. People are free to move up and down the scale at their own will – they can get lazy and lose everything, or they can work hard, become educated, risk their own money, and move up from poverty to wealth. It is not a zero sum game; there is not one pie and when it’s gone it’s gone. No; there is always more pie.

It’s that simple.

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