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First Steps is a questionnaire to help you understand how to protect what is important to you from cyber and data breach threats.

It is based on an industry/government standard framework so you will be able to better communicate with people helping you.

It’s OK if you don’t know all the answers. The information is only accessible to you. You may give permission for others to view the information so they can help you. Advice will be given inline to help you answer questions, and a report will help you understand what you can do to protect what is important.

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Registering an Account: It is important to keep information about your company secure. Cybersecurity First Steps utilizes a platform hosted on a FedRAMP certified cloud by our partner Continuum GRC, who maintains the secure First Steps program to protect all your information (details are below).

We will ask you to use three-factor authentication to log into First Steps to protect your information. As part of this authentication you will need to create what we call an “Entity Name” — this can be your company name, team name or any specific name you choose. If the entity name is already in use, you will need to choose a different name.

Questions? Contact us at: firststeps@americassbdc.org

NOTE: America’s SBDC and member SBDCs do everything we can to help our clients protect their information. For this reason we have selected a software tool to help our clients with their assessments located on a FedRAMP secure cloud. The Small Business Administration has agreed to sponsor a FedRAMP high certification evaluation of the same tool. This evaluation is in process.

The 2018 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll report ranked the US Federal Government first in online consumer protection, data security and responsible privacy practices for 2018. While the report does not cite FedRAMP specifically, FedRAMP is responsible for driving security practices in government cloud services.

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Please Contact us at: firststeps@americassbdc.org

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Small Business Development Center Advisor Role:

America’s SBDC network has over 4,000 business advisors at over 1,000 locations to support small businesses in the U.S. and its territories. SBDC advisors help small business owners to start and grow their small businesses.

Cybersecurity First Steps and SBDC advisors play an important role in making sure you consider the value and necessity of incorporating cyber and data protection into your business plans, policies and practices.

First Steps will provide a working document for you to share with others who may be able to assist you to improve your company’s cyber security position.

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