Congressional Reception – Client List

Boulder SBDC
Sharon King
Thomas Gonzalez, Senior VP
Provided by Mark Gordon
We have done extensive work with the SBDC. Mark provided corporate interactions
Yes, Brochures, Pop Up Banners computer
Power Outlet
UCI Institute for Innovation
Bill Waldo
Steve Kearsley, CEO
Steve Kearsley, Farzad Ahmadkhanlou, Dean Shipley, Carl TenBrink, Andre Andriassian, Chris Lan, Bill Waldo
BluAtom Debuts World's 1st Immersive Wireless VR Vest & Gun Controller.
BluAtom, Inc. has developed the next generation accessory for VR gaming, enterprise and military training applications featuring the first immersive wireless body motion-tracking system. The BluAtomVR system, which comes equipped with a haptic vest and gun controller, can both detect and enhance your movements, for a more immersive and engaging VR gaming and training experience. Effectively turn any player’s body into a game controller.
BluAtomVR’s body-tracking vest and hand-motion gun controller create a much richer interaction than any of the VR gaming accessories currently available. The Wireless enabled system allows for complete freedom of player’s movement. The lightweight vest is designed with both form and function in mind, boasting a sleek aesthetic made from lightweight, breathable materials.
The BluAtom VR System is fully compatible with the HTC VIVE™. No special device driver is required; it can be used with FPS PC games or on the Steam video game platform.
The total VR Market is expected to exceed $40B within the next five years, offering a lucrative space for BluAtom to rapidly expand its VR accessories for gaming and commercial applications such as theme parks, VR Arcades, gaming centers and military training.
Here is the link to our BluAtomVR video, demonstrating how the vest body controller and interactive hand controller work in the popular video game “Call of Duty”:
Our company would not be the same without the help of the SBDC — I met Bill Waldo when our startup was just an idea between me and another game designer from Blizzard Entertainment. Bill’s advise and coaching has been essential to our success — from navigating obstacles to advise our first angel investments. We are on the "cutting edge” of virtual reality and BluAtomVR has made incredible progress in the last 6 months.
We are a small startup in Irvine California, not far from where Oculus started the VR revolution two years ago.
We have developed a wearable video game vest controller and a gun controller that work together - this is a great demo and will be a game changer for the way people move in virtual reality.
We were at CES in January, in the virtual reality area at Eureka Park, showing how the BluAtomVR vest body controller and interactive gun controller add new gameplay to the Virtual Reality experience.
Three versions of our virtual reality vest and four virtual reality gun controllers
10 foot by 8 foot background display, pop-up banner, handout flyers and business cards.
Need a 60 inch TV and 32 inch TV and frame to hold 10 foot by 8 foot printed background display,
Alabama SBDC
William Cummings
Lee Conn, President
Brian Case
Motus manufactures America's fastest motorcycles and America's only V4 engine, available for use in defense, marine, industrial, and powersports applications.
The Alabama SBDC has been involved with Motus since the very beginning and we couldn't have done it without their assistance. From advice on raising capital to providing intelligence on export processes to analysis and research on Dealer Agreements, the Alabama SBDC has truly been an invaluable resource to Motus since inception.
A motorcycle and a pop-up banner.
Northeastern California Small Business Development Center - Shasta Cascade
Susan Wright
Jenny Hansen, Co-Founder
Wildcard Brewing Company
Jeffrey Hansen
It started when Jeff and Jenny brewed two beers to give away as wedding favors at a brewery in San Luis Obispo where they went to college. Homebrew projects and burst bottle explosions ensued in the years after. But a casual passion soon turned career as Jeff announced to Jenny that he had quit his job and had been accepted off a waitlist to brew school. You’d call them crazy, adventurous, unpredictable....a wildcard. Their story is one of the unexpected; a place where there are no limits, where perseverance and a free spirit will turn dreams into reality.

Wildcard Brewing Company opened its doors in November of 2012 with 4200 square feet of open warehouse space, a 10 gallon pilot system and a small, bare bones tasting room. For a year the brewery serviced local accounts through a contract brewing relationship. It wasn’t until September of 2013 that they revealed a 15 barrel production brewery at the location off Crossroads Dr. Once 100% of the production was in house, Wildcard Brewing Co. was able to expand to other surrounding counties and begin bottling and canning product. Growth has continued at a rapid pace, adding to the chaos and Wildcard spirit.
We discovered SBDC in a search for funding for our start up company. Although SBDC did not provide actual funds, it was the mentoring we received there that directly benefited us during the loan process at our local bank. I believe we were successful in getting an SBA loan because of the professional way our business finances were presented to the bank and the confidence we had when speaking to them. The skills we gained from SBDC were invaluable and have been put to use time and again since our mentoring hours with their knowledgeable consultant.
We would love to ship beer to be enjoyed at the reception by attendees if this is possible. We can ship our 6-pack cans of IPA. Our IPA actually just got picked up and rated by Beer Connoisseur Magazine as exceptional (92/100)!
We would bring items for a table display including raw ingredients (malt and hops) displayed in pint glasses as well as flyers, a banner and other signage. I could send a photo example if requested.
Boulder, CO SBDC
Sharon King
Mark Gordon, President and CEO
Stratom, Inc.
720.565.9609 ext. 10
StratomInc (business) and mgordon67 (personal)
Thomas Gonzalez
Stratom, Inc., founded in 2001, provides Strategic Solutions and Advanced Technologies to government, commercial and global clients. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, we have additional locations in several states and the DC / National Capital region. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Non-Traditional Defense Contractor focusing on providing strategic solutions training support, research and development (R&D), engineering, and system integration services for unmanned systems. We have a 15-year history of delivering solutions directly to Department of Defense (DoD) and to major defense contractors.
Working with the SBDC has been an amazing experience. They have provided outstanding support to Stratom from our inception as a one person business to continued growth and advanced support as our company has matured and grown through the years. Thank you SBDC for all of your amazing support through out the years!!
We will show our products through videos presented on a monitor
Yes - brochures, pop-up banner, and a computer / monitor to show videos
Electricity to run a computer and monitor if available.
Delaware Small Business Development Center
Mike Bowman, Bob Rausch
Amy Cowperthwait, CEO
Mike Patterson
SimUCare designs, manufactures, and sells wearable, sensor-enabled technology that provides extreme authenticity for healthcare simulation education.
Co-Founder and CEO, Amy Cowperthwait, conceived the idea behind SimUCare when she was working as a clinical nursing specialist in UD’s School of Nursing Resource Simulation Center and coordinating the Healthcare Theatre program for UD. Cowperthwait then sought assistance from UD’s Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships (OEIP) on how to commercialize this technology.

As a unit of OEIP, Delaware SBDC worked with Amy as she developed her business model and applied for various funding sources. With the assistance of DSBDC, Amy has won awards from UD’s Hen Hatch Competition, Center for Applied Technology and the University City Science Center’s QED Program.

The first product developed was the SimUTrach, a device designed to simulate a patient with a tracheostomy. In the first few months of rolling out SimUTrach, SimUCare has already generated significant sales to warrant the development of other products. SimUCare is developing technology to simulate IV insertion with SimUStick and technology to simulate catheterization with SimUCath for beta testing in January 2017. In order to accommodate this expansion, SimUCare is in the process of raising capital to accelerate their growth and is working with the DSBDC on their pitch strategy.
Yes, one SimUTrach (wearable technology).
Yes we will bring brochures and a pop-up banner
Chuck Bryse
Kristina Pence-Dunow, Pres/CEO
Double K, Inc. dba Hometown Trolley
715-478-5090 x 104
Kristina Pence-Dunow,
Hometown Trolley is a family owned manufacturing business of trackless trolley buses used in private and public transit applications such as Universities, Historical Downtown areas, Public transportation in tourist areas, weddings and corporate events and tour operators. Each trolley is handcrafted to the exact specifications of the customers needs. Hometown Trolley are sold nationwide as well as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada and beyond.
Hometown Trolley began working with Chuck Bryse in 2012 when the need for expansion was desperate, but unsure how to make it happen. Chuck was so helpful in working projections and budgetary numbers to see that is was possible. We made the leap of faith and received 2 low interest state loans as well as a local city lease for a purchase and expansion of a new building. Chuck was very instrumental in obtaining the loans for expansion through WEDC and NCWDC. With the expansion Hometown Trolley was able to double the production and gross sales by 100%. Currently we are feeling another growth and will need to expand again in the near future and have projections for another 50% growth over the next two years.
Is it possible to bring in a trolley? It would have to be driven into place and would take a space of 10' wide by 35' long. If not we would have a table, video loop displaying manufacturing process and pop up banners detailing our trolley models.
Is it possible to bring in a trolley? It would have to be driven into place and would take a space of 10' wide by 35' long. If not we would have a table, video loop displaying manufacturing process and pop up banners detailing our trolley models.
Audio Video Loop to play a video and an 8' table.
FSBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University
Kevin Brady
John Benkert, CEO
CPR Tools
Greg Scasny
CPR Tools Inc. was formed in 1995 and we are all about data. We perform advanced data recovery services on all types of storage media including hard drives, phones, tablets, flash drives and more. We have recovered data from shredded media, fire damaged media, water damaged media, and USB drives that your son knocked off the table while you were working!
We also provide ‘End of Life’ data eradication services on storage media, because who better to get rid of your data than the folks that are the best at getting it back! All of our eradication services meet or exceed government standards including HIPAA, NIST, DoD, FACTA, and others.
Lastly, we protect your valuable data by providing cybersecurity services including Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Phishing Assessments, and end user cybersecurity training including Insider Threat, Dark Web Basics, Social Engineering, and more.
At CPR Tools we also design and build products that allow you to perform data recovery, eradication, and of course cyber protection. Unlike our competitors we have always built our products here in the USA and all of our hardware products come with our 5 year warranty!
We were looking to expand our product reach overseas and so we called the SBDC. They got back to us quickly and offered a list of classes that we were able to take to bring us up to speed on the different exporting laws, which countries would be the best markets for our services, and even created a large export marketing plan which we still have and use today. As a small company the laws, guidelines and honestly the lack of knowledge would have been too much to overcome, but the SBDC folks made it easy!
Yes. We will bring one of our newest forensic cloning tools, Mimic. A data destruction tool called Hammer and a Cybersecurity tool called Cyber Sentinel which we will be releasing in the 2nd quarter.
Yes. Brochures, a pop up banner, and business cards.
Electricity so we could demonstrate the products.
Michigan Technology Commercialization Team (also known as the Tech Team). The Tech Team consultants work with tech companies across the state depending on the needs of clients. The consultants are not confined to any specific region/center.
The Michigan SBDC has provided services to Micro-LAM since 2009 prior to us starting our business. Since 2009, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of SBDC consultants to help us with a variety of business needs. The below is a list of consultants that we’ve received assistant from. • Kayo Ramirez, Tech Team Consultant • Sandra Cochrane, Tech Team Consultant • Alain Peitte, Manager of Tech Team • Anna Bier, Tech Team Consultant • Tamara Davis, SBDC Southwest Michigan Regional Director • John Schmitt, SBDC Senior Business Consultant • Bob Honeyman, Tech Team Consultant • Dave Grossman, Tech Team Consultant The following individuals worked with Micro-Lam, but are no longer with the Michigan SBDC Tech Team – John Balbach, Jason Pliml, and Tom Kelly.
Deepak Ravindra, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer
Micro-LAM Technologies
(269) 330-3388
(269) 330-3388
Chris Stroshine, Global Sales Manager
Manufactured in Michigan, Micro-LAM Technologies offers cutting edge technology that increases productivity and profitability for companies that manufacture precision optical components such as lens, telescopic mirrors, infrared imaging system, laser components and smart gadget hardware. The product increases productivity by up to 500%, increases machine efficiency by up to 200%, improves part quality by an order of magnitude, and has an 8 to 10-month payback, making it a game changer in the precision manufacturing industry. Within a year of hitting the markets, Micro-LAM has sold systems in the US, Israel, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.
The Michigan SBDC has been a major contributor to Micro-LAM’s growth. Being a startup CEO is challenging, especially when coming from an engineering background. Thanks to the solid Michigan SBDC team I have worked with over recent years, I have learned vital skills that enable me to lead my business towards success. The Michigan SBDC has provided strategic planning guidance, secondary market research, SBIR Phase I and Phase II proposal review, coaching for pitch competitions, and many other business consulting services.
Yes, the product along with our laser control and touch screen will be on display. In addition, we will bring machined samples and marketing material.
Yes, we will bring color brochures and a pop-up banner.
Ideally a podium like table to highlight our product. The podium will be higher than the regular table provided. Also, I would require some power outlets (regular 110V).
Washington Small Business Development Center
Sharon Sappington and Cindy Doyl
Candice Boutilier Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Jack Kay - President and Jay Taylor - General Manager
Torklift was founded in 1976 and started as a small retail shop where automotive and RV-related services and products were sold. It soon became a hub of new product innovation that exploded into the expansion of a manufacturing arm that sells RV and automotive products world-wide with a strong fan-base of "Torklift-only" customers. Torklift products and services include trailer hitches, suspension, truck camper tie downs and turnbuckles, step systems, custom fabrication, trailer repair and wiring. The company has also hosted a community-wide fund-raiser called the Kent Turkey Challenge that has raised more than 113,000 for the Kent Food Bank since its inception.
Our Washington Small Business Development Center has helped us with quite a few projects that we would not have completed due to resources and time constraints. They provided us with quality research about expanding into other countries as well as markets. They also provided a pathway to gaining media exposure to our organization that led to additional opportunities.
Yes, we are not sure what we will be bringing just yet but we will be bringing samples and information related to our heavy-duty towing trailer hitch line, auxiliary battery products and customer fabrication abilities.
Pop-up banners, flyers, brochures
Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network
Lisa daCosta & Jill Kline
Aiden Emilo
Rex Specs
(307) 203-0308
(802) 922-2574
Jesse Emilo
Rex Specs, LLC designs and manufactures protective eye wear for dogs. Rex Specs dog goggles are designed specifically for the needs of professional working canines but are suitable for all active pets as well. Our products provide protection from UV rays, dust, debris, vegetation and other environmental hazards. Whether your dog is your working K9 partner, riding the wild roads in your motorcycle sidecar, hiking a mountain, or on a hunting excursion - Rex Specs dog goggles are the best protection for your canine friend.
The Wyoming SBDC has been a significant partner for our business through the startup phase. The Trade Show Incentive Grant help us to attend many of the events that launched our company and continue to generate growth and the marketing and strategy consulting has been invaluable as we build our company for longterm success.
We will bring a selection of our current products - perhaps 10 total.
We have an 8' x 8' popup banner that we will bring along with table displays and brochures.
Also, we have been asked by the Wyo SBDC to also bring a dog that can show how the product works. Will this be ok? We work closely with many military and veterans and would like to arrange for a local DC customer or partner of ours to join us at the event. Please let me know what is need to make this possible.
Will there be power at each booth for videos?
University of Houston
Joe Decker - Jacqueline Taylor
William "Billy" Gibbons - Partner
Veterans MFG
Billy Gibbons - Mike Hlozek
Veteran owned and operated manufacturer of Body Armor, Mobile & Vehicle Shields and other protective ballistic systems.
As both Partners at Veterans MFG have strong business experience and education, our local SBDC provided us with essential local contacts, references and most importantly, referrals to local and national media. Our Local Representative, Joe Decker was directly responsible for connecting our company with the Houston Chronicle (4th largest Sunday Business Circulation in the Nation) who featured us in two front page business articles. The exposure we received from those two articles has given our young company a fantastic "Out of the Gate" boost that we could not have achieved without their help.
Yes, we will bring one sample each of our Pistol Rated Plate, Rifle Rated Plate, Pistol Rated Shield, Rifle Rated Shield and UltraLight Plate Carrier T-Shirt.
Brochures, small trifolds, business cards.
Not really, but thank you.
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
Florence Hardy
Victor Mateevitsi, CEO
(312) 952 9930
(312) 952 9930
@mvictoras @SpiderSenseSuit
Vasia Rigou
SpiderSense is a haptic wearable jacket for the blind and the visually impaired that enables them to navigate safely around objects and enjoy the outdoors.
SBDC's help is very crucial to our success. Our background is in engineering so we need help with the marketing business side of things. We are frequently meeting with Florence and getting advice and guidance on various topics, from how to interact with investors to business plan and pitch deck editing. What we love about Florence is that she provides actionable answers to our questions: sometimes it is templates that we can use, other times sample material (like business plans) and other times people that she connects us with. She really knows Chicago's entrepreneurial ecosystem and wants to help as much as possible.
Yes we will bring the SpiderSense jacket and the SpiderSense prototype. Me and Vasia will be wearing them. Guests can interact with me by getting close and further away and touch the jacket to feel the vibration.
We will bring a pop-up banner.
We would like to have the highboy table. We only need power supply for recharging.