2018 Client Showcase & Reception – SBDC Client Info Form

Welcome to the America’s SBDC Congressional Showcase information page. We appreciate your participation in this year’s Showcase!

All information must be submitted by Monday, January 8th.

What state are you from?

Name of the SBDC center you worked with

Name(s) of the SBDC advisor(s) you worked with

Your name and title

Name of your business

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If you have a Twitter account, please provide your handle

Please provide the first and last name(s) of anyone planning to attend the reception with you

Please provide a short company description

Please provide a short quote about your experience working with your local SBDC (for example, how the SBDC helped your business)

Will you bring any products to share with reception guests? If so, what and how many?

Do you intend to bring any marketing materials (such as brochures, a pop-up banner, etc.)? If so, what will you bring?

Do you require anything from us for your table set­-up? If so, what?

Please attach the following:

    1. Your headshot or company photo (in .JPG format): 

    2. A success story about working with your local SBDC (if you or your SBDC have written one):