Prospectus – 2016

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The 36th Annual America’s SBDC Conference takes place September 19–22 in Orlando, Florida, at the beautiful  Hyatt Regency. Every year our conference attracts 1,300+ SBDC professionals from all over the nation. These advisors, trainers and directors come together for professional development and networking. Their passion for small business can be seen in the 140+ workshops that overflow into the hallways, and in the exhibit hall where they eagerly mingle with each other and the tradeshow exhibitors, seeking the latest information on products and services that can ensure the success of their small business clients.

This year’s focus is generational change, and how to work with clients whose lives span from the late 1940s to the present day. Enter the exhibit hall to take a stroll through the Baby Boomer, Gen X,  Millennial, and Gen Z communities.  During the conference, elements of each of those eras will be in evidence in the communities.

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What ‘s New For 2016

TECH   ENHANCEMENTS – The following booth enhancements can be an “add on” for any booth or sponsorship:

(1)  Device charging station “tower” by your booth: $2,750

With the growing use of mobile devices at conferences, most attendees having 2+, the need to recharge those devices within the conference space it critical.  Put your brand on a charging tower next to your booth on the show floor, and attendees will spend extra time learning about your product or service.  There are only four of these opportunities available.  (For more about the towers, click here.)

(2)  Conference App banner ad (Only seven of these are available): $500

(3)  Highlight your booth location in the Conference App (Only seven of these are available): $250

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